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Our shop on the Vienna Naschmarkt exists since 1876 and is a family business in the 5th generation. We offer you our long experience on the fishmarket. We are devoted to quality and absolute freshness – no matter if you are looking for fish, shellfish, lobster or caviar. Therefore we offer only selected products of superior quality, which we import directly from our partners. A wide selection of wild, rod-caught fish is offered in our shop, a quality you will find nowhere else in Austria.

We deliver fresh and frozen fish to your home! We also ship seafood to Bratislava – Slovakia – Hungary and all neighbouring countries!

Turbot – learn more about one of our finest products

Some information for our customers from far east:

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Das sagen unsere Kunden:

  • Sehr freundliche Beratung. Amur Beluga Kaviar zum Probieren für Weihnachten gekauft. Super Empfehlung! Danke!

    Alexander Frohn Avatar Alexander Frohn
  • Kompetentes Team und super Fisch Produkte! Das Team ist stets um den Kunden bemüht und ein gemütliches Plaudern ist auch immer dabei ! 1-A kann ich nur weiterempfehlen. Danke !

    Gabriel Dossantos Avatar Gabriel Dossantos
  • Love their fresh sea foods!

    John HK Lee Avatar John HK Lee
  • Fisch und Meeresfrüchte? Es kann nur EINEN geben. Der Gruber ist und bleibt das einzig Wahre!!! Alle anderen hinten anstellen, iss so...

    Martin Nemeth Avatar Martin Nemeth
  • Very friendly and really knowledgeable staff. They can prep your fish to perfection. A real find in this city. I cannot recommend them more hghly. I will be patronising them for many years to come

    Jason Gallager Avatar Jason Gallager

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