How do you recognize fresh fish?

When buying filets:

Filets should be compact, shining, smooth and elastic. Their scent should be clean and neutral. When pressing with your finger, there should stay behind no marks. To be sure, it is always best to get fillets from a whole, fresh fish!

When buying whole fish:

Watch the scales: They should be shiny, not matte. The eyes should be clear and convex – never concave and grey. The overall impression should be good, by this you can see the difference in quality very food (no scratches or marks on the body – signs for trawls or industrial fish).

The scent also says a lot about quality. It musn´t be intrusive, but should be clean and neutral – with a slight touch of grass and sea. A bad smell develops approx. after the 5th day. If you want to be sure, smell the gills and the abdominal cavity. There a bad smell develops first – even if a fish smells here, it is still eatable.

Also an inspection of the abdominal cavity tells you a lot. The inner side should be smooth, shining and plain. Have a good look at the gills too! Freshly caught fish has shiny red gills with a round outline. Also matte red or pale gills indicate fresh fish (the ice for cooling washes out the blood in the gills). The gills should never ever be green, yellow or brown with fainted outlines!

Ask for our delivery dates or look in the section "Frisch eingetroffen" (delivery notification), what fish came in fresh. Fisch-Gruber has fresh fish every 48 hours!

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us! Because when it comes to fish, you can trust us.

Please note the great Information of the "Deusche Institut für Risikobewertung" in german, including many pictures: http://www.bfr.bund.de/cm/208/wie_frisch_ist_der_fisch.pdf

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