Meet the Fisch-Gruber Team

Selling fish is teamwork: Wolfgang Gruber is proud of his team and the many helping hands, that join him during christmas time!

Fisch Gruber Team / Photo: Fisch Gruber

Wolfgang Christian Gruber is the 5th generation in a family of fish mongers on Vienna's Naschmarkt. Practically born in the shop his passion is everything that comes from the water. With charme, humour and passion he advises customers and has an eye on the whole shop. To stand in the first line, chatting with customers and to feel the pulse of the market gives him the power to carry on.

Richard König is Wolfgang Gruber's oldest son. From his childhood he has learnt how to handle fish and knows a lot about it. Our customers like Richard for his friendly advice. He has his eyes everywhere and is in charge of our storage, the design of the displays and the control of freshly delivered fish.

Johanna Gruber is actually a talented hair stylist, that's why she is always perfectly styled. Since 2013 she works in her father's fish shop and grow's into the business more and more. Johanna is well known for her open character and her customer care. Moreover she is very skilled with the knive and cuts perfect fillets for you. The next generation is here!

Senior partner Erich Gruber still helps his son with his decades of experience as fishmonger and professional fisherman. Born on the Neusiedlersee he grew up with local fish. Despite his age he works with full power in the background, supporting his son and Fisch-Gruber 24/7!

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